The association is created for a broad base of professionals and amateurs, and offers both a full professional membership, and club fans for admirers Peren - all kinds of perennials. One of the goals is to create an environment for communication among professional gardeners in the commercial and non-commercial sectors and knowledgeable growers of which are hardy flowers intensive hobby. There are two options:

  • I. professional membership
    • It provides an environment for communication and cooperation between leading experts from the collection or research centers and nurseries
    • make available data on the program annually upcoming promotions Peren, including the ability to track influence, participate and vote on it next season perennial
    • allow to exhibit and sell at the event perennial days and attend professional meetings and trips
    • obviously applies also offer summarized below under the fan club
    • year 1000Kč
  • II. fan klub
    • closer to the source of professional and constantly updated information on news and trends
    • discounts 10% in perennials at retail purchases at retailers from the ranks of professional members
    • discounts or free entry into selected botanical gardens and arboreta in the Czech Republic
    • Free entry to the perennial days
    • opportunity to participate in perenářského exit
    • CZK 500 annually

All payments, including membership fees and financial gifts sent to the account 214214207/0300
membership handled: Petr Molek,

Application Download here>>

Applications should be sent electronically to the e-mail address:, printed address: Petr Molek, Čechova 468, 373 72 Lisov

Members of the Czech Association perenářů:

core Board

professional members

Fun Club

  • Muz iconIvana Barošová, Camp
  • Woman iconČechovská Zuzana
  • Muz iconMartin black, Green, s.r.o, Litomerice
  • Woman iconAlice Dědečková, Prague
  • Muz iconForejtová Martina, a05 studio, Prague
  • Woman iconFraňková Tereza, YourGarden - garden project, Odolena Voda
  • Woman iconHábová Vlasta, Brtnice
  • Woman iconCatherine Hodková, HBABio, spol. s r.o., Prague
  • Woman iconHolušová Růžičková Mariana
  • Woman iconKarešová Radka
  • Woman iconKindlová Markéta, Heřmanův Městec
  • Woman iconKochová Ingrid
  • Woman iconKotlandová Martina
  • Woman iconKřemenová Gabriela
  • Woman iconKrupková Barbora
  • Woman iconPavlina Malikova, a05 studio, Prague
  • Muz iconAndrew Nečaský
  • Woman iconPeukertová Lucie
  • Woman iconPivoňková Hana
  • Woman iconPyšková Jana, projection, publishing, Prague
  • Muz iconMiroslav Řičánek, gardens Řičánek, Brno
  • Woman iconRegina Sipos, GARDENZONE - Garden design and consultation, Prague
  • Muz iconSteiner Aleš, a05 studio, Prague
  • Woman iconTancerová Zuzana
  • Woman iconTeplická Eva, KrajArch, Galanta
  • Muz iconVeverka Tomaš, Kutna Hora
  • Muz iconVlasáková Tereza, Landscape architect, DesignSpace, Stochov
  • Woman iconKlára Vlková
  • Woman iconVostrejžová Iva, Design and implementation of gardens, Rakůvka

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