General Meeting held 7.12.2017

wave hromada

In early December, there was general meeting of the Association of Czech perenářů in Pruhonice relatively large numbers 16 participants.
Petr Molek took care of the organization of the General Meeting and the subsequent writing of …

Perenářský exit 2017

At the end of June 2017 Adam held Baroš and Jan Nussbauer perenářský visit to Germany, namely to Munich. In short a two-day tour with overnight stay in Freising fit Visit demonstration gardens …

perennial season 2015 se stal rod Phlox!

Members of the Association of Professional, who participated in the summer of Internet voting, He was chosen as the genus Phlox Perennial season 2015. More directly to the perennial season.

perennial season 2014 the genus Salvia – sage

The announcement of the perennial season 2014 held at the seminar SZUZ (Pva Letňany Exhibition Center) 21. March 2014. for the year 2014 the perennial season became the genus Salvia (sage).

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