2007: Veronica (veronica)

Last summer nejednomu gardener seem capricious and this way they would drop one threw. Our response to these whims speedwell. Actually, as professionals we can recommend for a summer nothing better. creeper, you might know as a medicinal plant or weed, i have had my beautiful representative. It is a family of highly branched and only part of them is true dinky suitable garden. Warms to really like the limelight, let's prepare well.

Perennial garden flowers with a poetic Latin name Veronica in our home gardens good old familiar, There were even for its clear blue before the war, quite fashionable at that time Peren villa rabátek. Such species are grown essentially still, although somewhat improved. But added new species, many of them are in custody careful skalničkáři and nurture them for good drainage.

What is this speedwell welcome?

Simply put, some are in a flower bed and the other in rock gardens. Those furrows forms clumps of tall flowers 40 up to 100 cm, to the species, cultivar, you can choose. The flowers are in long spikes favorite for the bright blue color. Course, but we also have a completely pure white flowers, pink, almost red or pastel shades of these colors. Small alpine character have more cushiony Being small flowers wrapped in a similar color spectrum.

Where the ním?

Hopefully, Neruda's question that you do not have to deal with the trash and find on this perenku a nice spot. They thrive in the sun, at this station bloom well and holds firm flower stems per clump. However, be eradicated idea of ​​Veronica as an extremely xerophilous herb. Definitely not love a sunburn on sunny slopes does not look nice. Perhaps we are not in a garden on it, the plant still survives, but we want to give her the best? Year, Only then will grow into beauty and bloom beautifully. Because many of speedwell can bloom from the beginning of summer until its end, What is it for this. In the warm autumn some kind of reward the best growers of flowers and late series. If the menu you have habitat and shade, for example, wandering somewhere at the edge of the tree crowns, Also it is not a bad deal.

Remember the regular watering especially during flowering and summer saw-cuts, Of course the best evening. Excessive fertilization leads to baggy stalks, and bunch thinning prematurely grow old. Appreciate the good ground, but not severe, rather lighter. This is not entirely a long-lived perennial, Therefore, it will be good for a couple of years přemnožit, partition, replant or at least chunky or stir.

Furrows species have from early spring visage kind nanicovatého low Suni. Color combinations for them to look because the summer flowers among species in full sun as coreopsis, bow, kakost, lavender, catnip, mavuň, poppy or many similar salvia. Fits well to the classic shrub roses, partiím with a rich representation of grasses and herbs. For freethinker unbound convention offers the possibility of deposing with annuals.

You see? this "Verunka" would not miss the garden after all…

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