Perennial of the Season 2018: Astrantia (Jrmnk)

Jrmnki (Astrantia) belonging to relatives of plants miříkovitých (Apiaceae), like e.g.. known vegetable carrot, celery or parsley. But it is a hardy ornamental plants, suitable for various types of gardens. Unfortunately, it does not belong among the perennials, which are often seen. Here it comes to saving plants, interesting and well-known among other things from our nature. Now even greater promotion of the relatively lesser known plants was one of the reasons, masterwort why they were selected by members of the Czech Association perenářů as a perennial season 2018.

Garden jarmanek range is overwhelmingly made up of Astrantia major varieties (And. major). This species is relatively abundant in our nature, as well as a number of locations in most European countries. Its natural habitat is primarily wetter meadows, moist forest clearings and clear forests or bushes, or. too wet, but nepodmáčené, the edges of ponds.

Plants are remarkable primarily for its inflorescence okoličnatými, formed in horticultural varieties strikingly colored bracts and a number of individual, like colored bracts, small flowers. Inflorescence botanical species is whitish or greenish very slightly pink.

Garden variety then they stand strongly colored flowers, often bright pink to purple-red. There are varieties but also almost pure white. Examples varieties with dark red inflorescence eg. 'Hadspen Blood', "King's Kids", 'Abbey Road', 'Venice', 'Rosensinfonie', 'Claret' and. Pink flowering cultivars can designate like 'Roma', 'Star of Royals', light pink is' Pink Pride' or 'Lola' and.

White variety with greenish bracts example. 'Snow Star', more green then 'Orlando'. There are also a variety of 'Sunningdale Variegated' with significantly creamy yellow variegated leaves. Height from each individual variety does not differ dramatically, usually grow 50-90 cm, under site conditions.

<em>Astrantia major</in>  'Sunningdale Variegated'

Astrantia major 'Sunningdale Variegated'

At the suitable habitat is a long-lived plants, that they can themselves also Presevo. But still require the soil slightly moist, resp. Fixed. If the soil is very moist still reliably (especially in summer), then tolerate full sun. But generally prefer rather polostinných sites or habitats scattered light. But they can be used in more shaded areas. Tolerates most common garden soil, but prefers permeable soil sites with higher organic matter content. It can reproduce by dividing clumps in early spring or after flowering, and then some varieties and sowing.

Very well suited to naturally conceived gardens and flower plantings, combined into perennial beds, as an adjunct in lower plantings of shrubs, to scrub plantings such. together with hosta (Cough), debts (Heuchera), kakosty (Geranium) etc.. Look good and as cut flowers.

<em>Astrantia major</in>  'Star of Billion'

Astrantia major 'Star of Billion'

Outside masterwort higher is cultivated and Caucasian type Maximum Astrantia. This is especially noticeable for its bright pinkish colored inflorescences. His growing demands are the same. The range is the variety 'Buckland', which blooms sterile, pale pink flowers and which result from the crossing of the two species mentioned above jarmanek.

Masterwort nakvétají usually in late May and June are a very nice and unusual element to liven up mostly of scrub planting flowers or polostinných to shady parts of the garden. Despite the relatively less awareness of the potential use of this type gardens, it's no big problem get plants. The basic range offers the most domestic perennial nurseries and many garden centers.

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