Veronica prostrata 'Blauspiegel'


Veronica prostrata 'Blauspiegel'


Veronica prostrata 'Blauspiegel'


Veronica prostrata 'Blauspiegel'


Perennial phlox season


Perennial phlox season


Aster perennial season


Nepeta perennial season


Campanula perennial season


Helenium perennial season

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Veronica prostrata 'Blauspiegel'


Veronica prostrata 'Blauspiegel'


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Ojectives of the association

Czech perenářů Association is a civic association, which promotes and popularizes winter hardy perennial garden flowers, Professionals called Peren, Laity simply perennials.

aim of the association of Czech perenaru

I. We provide information to growers

  • Perennial season - the annual campaign of the selected group of flowers
  • For Garden - representation of domestic growers of perennials, consulting (Pva Letňany Exhibition Center)
  • Flower Festival - vernal market with flowers (chateau Průhonice)
  • Perennial days - after guiding assortments, exhibition, Growers and offer advice (Prague Botanical Garden Troja)
  • Gardener - regularly publishing articles about perennials leading experts

II. We encourage collegiality within the field

  • Professional Support for Education, botanical gardens, gardening companies and designers
  • annual thematic seminar for professionals
  • workshop on the occasion of the realization of concrete beds
  • cooperation and participation in interdisciplinary conferences
  • Membership in the International Stauden Union, international cooperation with perenáři
  • Summer trips abroad

III. We are building branch

  • articles archive, proceedings of seminars and other data about perennials
  • methodology for establishing perennial flowerbeds and communities
  • Projects recommended range for perennials flower bed use
  • promotion of innovations and proven assortments, evidence collection
  • Textbooks for outdoor / gardening florist colleges
  • bedding assortments tests and trials evaluated types of beds

The emergence of the association prompted a call for publishing the journal Peren from the beginning of the year 2003 and subsequent professional discussion, which led to the founding of the civic association in spring 2005. The aim of the association is mainly providing information across all interest groups. We are integrating the efforts of commercial producers and research institutions, process information for the professional horticultural companies and designers, We provide a guarantee of presentations and training, including counseling laity.

Our portfolio of activities ranging from landscape architect to enthusiastic gardeners. There is a professional membership for those who want to actively participate in the fan club for those who want to stand by and let educate.

One of the results of the cooperation between professionals, which caters directly to end consumers is the "Perennial season". It is, along with the "perennial Days" and providing articles for magazines and Web sites, Backbone lines ensuring the movement of information outside the field.

As a second line of our efforts to distribute information within the horticultural industry across the world. among growers, researchers, pedagogy, developers and last but not least, landscape architects. These are designed autumn seminar in Pruhonice, archive on this site and professional trips and outings.

The presentation uses the association and cooperation with Exhibition, botanical gardens and other organizations in the nonprofit sector.

Among the ethical limits of the association include promoting the production and sales of Czech producers perennials, hand in hand with the demand for creation of relevant and accurate information based on research conducted in our climate. We want to build an alternative to the dissemination of misleading and incomplete information from irrelevant sources. On the basis of personal contacts, develop international cooperation with like-minded organizations.