Veronica prostrata 'Blauspiegel'


Veronica prostrata 'Blauspiegel'


Veronica prostrata 'Blauspiegel'


Veronica prostrata 'Blauspiegel'


Perennial phlox season


Perennial phlox season


Aster perennial season


Nepeta perennial season


Campanula perennial season


Helenium perennial season

I Helenice

Echinacea perennial season


Veronica prostrata 'Blauspiegel'


Veronica prostrata 'Blauspiegel'


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Perennial season

Perennial season has its own website

In the concept of popularizing end-states Czech Association perenářů annual program focused on a select group of perennials. His focus clearly supports communication between domestic and professional gardeners all structures of media, who knows with information of this nature beneficially work.

Info service in a given season is freely accessible, including text processing, visual documentation and mediation of original texts, reports and interviews with leading experts on the topic. Other presentations take place at events with the participation of Association and in cooperation with other publicly accessible buildings

Perennials can also find on the season Facebook

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Perennial of the Season 2022: Anemone (sasanka) – podzimní

Z druhově bohatého rodu Anemone (čeleď Ranunculaceae,
okolo 120 species) patří skupina na podzim kvetoucích sasanek mezi
nejatraktivnější zahradní trvalky tohoto období. Jsou to poměrně vzrůstné, trsnaté
rostliny s výškou od 0,6 when 1,5 m, které se ze svazčitých kořenů, prostřednictvím
podzemních výběžků, rozrůstají dále do větších porostů. Od poloviny léta pak
z přízemních růžic, dlouze řapíkatých, dělených listů vyrůstají květonosné
lodyhy. Ty nesou výrazné, velké květy
v bílých, růžových a karmínových odstínech, které postupně nakvétají až do

Perennial of the Season 2021: Penstemon (Dráčik)

penstemons, popular for its abundant flowering, forms a large group of garden perennials. Native species (in nature there are about them 270) grown in culture comes from different habitats of Sev. Of America, such as grass prairies, bright forests, but also semi-deserts and alpine positions. The diversity of cultivated dragons has grown with the efforts of garden breeders since the second half. 19. stol. a number of new cultivars.

Habitem is a low to medium-growing perennial herb or semi-evergreen shrub …

Perennial of the Season 2020: Amsonia (amsonie)

It is a small genus of perennial herbs, most of whose successors grow in the eastern parts of the United States. One species further occurs in the Eastern Mediterranean and East Asia. Amsonia is botanically a family of toadstools (Apocynaceae), which has only a unique representation in our Czech flora (the most famous is the periwinkle periwinkle – Vinca minor).

Perennial of the Season 2019: Baptisia (baptisiae)

Baptisia ´Blueberry Sunday´

About 20 Baptisia species (Baptisia) comes from the prairie communities eastern regions of North America. To home gardening and gardening awareness is Baptisia started getting around the turn of the millennium. However, still among the perennials, not to see the gardens so often, as they deserve. It is a tufted growing plants with upright stems or polovzpřímenými, culminating striking inflorescence. Their main advantage is considerable resistance to drought and especially longevity. If they thrive on the selected station, then …

Perennial of the Season 2018: Astrantia (Jrmnk)

Jrmnki (Astrantia) belonging to relatives of plants miříkovitých (Apiaceae), like e.g.. known vegetable carrot, celery or parsley. But it is a hardy ornamental plants, suitable for various types of gardens. Unfortunately, it does not belong among the perennials, which are often seen. Here it comes to saving plants, interesting and well-known among other things from our nature. Now even greater promotion of the relatively lesser known plants was one of the reasons, why they have been selected by members of the Czech masterwort …

2017: Geranium (kakosty)

Kakosty (Geranium) Herbs are extremely plastic with a wide range of use in gardens, in parks and other embodiments sadovnických. This variability is due to their diverse occurrence in nature, where we can find a slightly damp kinds of European and Asian bow (G. pratense, G. wlassovianum, G. platypetalum), plants and drier southern slopes and rocks, loving enough sun (G. sanguineum, G. dalmaticum, G. gray), kind of shady, rocky hills and forest suťovišť (G. macrorrhizum), or plants to coastal wetland habitats (G. phaeum, …

2016: Veronicastrum (rozrazilovec)

Veronicastrum virginicum 'Fascination'

Czech naming of these imposing perennials is not yet fully established. Name rozrazilovec is preferred members of the Czech Association perenářů. But you can also meet with the designation speedwell (due to their close relationship with this family) and also with počeštělým term veronikastrum, though it does not name exactly twice tuneful… Current botanical concept ranks these plants to the family jitrocelovitých (Plantaginaceae).
It is a vigorous, reliably perennial herbs, growing up without a problem 120-180 cm and some varieties and more. Hence suitable chiefly to …

2015: phlox (plamenka)

phlox, plamenka, perennial season 2015

As the summer starts full jet, once in the evening to meet with unusual scents. Is known, Of course, the familiar and memorable. Yet we annually from its rediscovery usually excited. Prevents magical inflorescence tall phlox, coasters whose first buds at this time suddenly develop. Spring grateful forerunners traditional clematis are naturally low rockery types, the pillows adorn many a rock garden. But today will be talking purely and simply about those higher, summer. One hundred years ago they were very popular …

2014: Salvia (sage)

Salvia - perennial season 2014

You can find the flower flared shawl? Despite the first impression of the tone of the Czech name is supreme mission of these plants can be seen from the Latin salvare - treat. Since antiquity enjoyed her some kind of extraordinary reputation as an herb to a range of ills. The actual healing effects are somewhat more modest scale than the original myth, Even so it includes sage fundamental herbs to use in teas, tinctures and oils. Similarly, he penetrated into the kitchen or perfumes. It is noteworthy to, …

2013: Aster (aster)

Aster - perennial season 2013

Everyone has somewhere its star? Many are attributed, others believe in it and some even displayed some his own. If, however, someone might come too far astrology, perhaps it enjoys gardening astro-logy, which offers him many constellations in a very detailed performance. Astray is officially called aster, However, this flower nobody bothered his long botanical Latin. Aster genus name given clear and obvious from a similar star-shaped flower. so it, What people are looking for in a night …