In early March was held 10. Trvalkového traditional annual seminar

Outside, winter still did not let go the reins, but inside the Great Hall of the information and educational center Floret's spender and spring colors. Organizers of the seminar date unknowingly hit on International Women's Day (8. March), and so each participant received a beautifully blossoming primula.

Primroses not only contributed to the high spirits, in the foyer with vividly debated a busy program it was also interesting. The first took Till Hofmann and his lecture on maintaining perennial beds and different approaches depending on the plant life strategy. In the afternoon lectures contributed Jitka Klimešová a lecture on plant clonality, Jan Jedlicka presented flowerbeds composed not only of public green and Petr Hanzelka we went to exotic parts for promising assortment of xerophilous plants.

A great highlight of the seminar was baptized nice books from authors Adam Baros and Jiri Martinek – Mixed perennial plantings. This is an extended version of the original methodology perennial plantings with a higher degree of self-regulation and extensive maintenance of 2011. The book was among the participants of great interest. Who missed the seminar or not, You can order it directly from the publisher Profipress:

In addition to large portions of new information, participants were carrying and collection of all lectures in the past 10 years seminar.

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